Hot day

By admin on April 08th, 2010. 1 Comment.

The first beautiful day of this spring, we decided to take a friend’s dog for a walk. Alex was dog sitting Murphy, and since Alex was working and the day was gorgeous, we figured it was a perfect opportunity to walk the pup and get some sun. When Alex told us he had a puppy in his apartment, we imagined something a lot smaller…Murphy was very strong, he pulled quite hard and did not pay much attention to us, I guess he was happy to run around in the sun. Poor Murphy drank 2 liters of water after the walk. You can tell from the pics he was thirsty…









































































When we got home, we found Dusty waiting for us…she smelled a bag of Greenies I had, stole it from my shopping bag, and here is what happened next:

We then took a stroll to the back yard and found this little fellow hanging around:








And when we came inside the house, this was waiting for us in the spare room:

Isn’t life beautiful?


  1. Robyn says:

    Beautiful photos! That pup is so cute!! If he pulls, snap the leash and use a stern voice so he knows who’s in charge.

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