Foster babies

On January 1st 2010, we welcomed our first foster babies. They were Mia and Mika. This was the most wonderful experience we have had with cats. Mia and Mika were affectionate, playful, smart and happy to eat my home made cat food. Mika was adopted on March 7th.

Last year, at the end of October, I found Lucky. She has changed our lives forever. We had never had a bird before and she taught us more than any other animal we have had the honor of meeting. She is not technically a foster baby, but I consider her one of our babies nevertheless.

On March 9th 2010, 4 new born babies were brought to us. Due to reasons beyond anyone’s control, we had to give them up two weeks later.

On March 23rd, two new kittens came into our lives. A 4 month old white and tabby male and a 1 year old calico an tabby female. They are both very affectionate and easy to care for.