Marine Products

51.14 Fish Meal is the clean, dried, ground tissue of undecomposed whole fish or fish cuttings, either or both, with or without the extraction of part of the oil. If it contains more than 3% salt (NaCl), the amount of salt must constitute a part of the product name, provided that in no case must the salt content of this product exceed 7%. The label shall include guarantees for minimum crude protein, minimum crude fat, maximum crude fiver, minimum phosphorus (P) and minimum and maximum calcium (Ca).
51.8 Fish Oil is the oil from rendering whole fish or cannery waste.
51.10 Fish By-Products must consist of non-rendered, clean, undecomposed portions of fish (such as, but not limited to, heads, fins, tails, ends, skin, bone and viscera) which result from the fish processing industry. If it bears a name descriptive of its kind, it must correspond thereto. Any single constituent used as such may be labeled according to the common or usual name of the particular portion used (such as fish heads, fish tails, etc)
51.15 Fish Stock/Broth is obtained by cooking fish and/or other marine animal products, including bones, shells, parts, and/or muscle, but including fish solubles. The crude protein content of the stock/broth base material must be no less than 90% on a dry matter basis. In order or the stock/broth to be labeled as such, the moisture-to-crude protein ratio must not exceed 135:1 (135 parts water to 1 part crude protein). If the product bears a name descriptive of its kind, composition or origin, it must correspond thereto; and may be called either stock or broth.

This is a very long list. Contact me for info on marine products not listed here.