Regulation PF5. Ingredients

(a) Each ingredient of a pet food  or specialty pet food shall be listed in the ingredient  statement as follows:

(1) The names of all ingredients in the ingredient statement shall be shown in letters or type of the same size, style and color;
(2) The ingredients shall be listed in descending order by their predominance by weight in non-quantitative terms;
(3) Ingredients shall be listed and identified by the nae and definition established by the AAFCO; and
(4) Any ingredient for which no name and definition have been established shall be identified by their common or usual name of the ingredient.

(b) The ingredients “meat” or “meat by-products” shall be qualified to designate the animal from which the meat or meat by-products are derived unless the meat or meat by-products are derived from cattle, swine, sheep, goat, or any combination thereof*. For example, ingredients derived from horses shall be listed as “horsemeat” or “horsemeat by-products”.
(c) Brand or trade names shall not be used in the ingredient statement.
(d) A reference to the quality, nature, form, or other attribute of an ingredient shall be allowed when the reference meets all of the following:

(1) The designation is not false or misleading;
(2) The ingredient imparts a distinctive characteristic  to the pet food or specialty pet food because it possesses that attribute; and
(3) A reference to quality or grade of the ingredient does not appear in the ingredient statement.

* Effectively, if a label says meat or meat by product, you have no clue what animal it comes from, which is problematic in cases of food allergies.