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Books on Cats

This little book is full of wonderful quotes in categories like “The Feline Mystique” and “Purrfect Communication”. I have added a new widget on the right hand side of the screen called “Cat Wisdom” where I will be posting different quotes from this book.
This book has very good chapters on commercial pet food, feline nutrition as well as a great explanation on how to read pet food labels.Excerpt
This book was very helpful when I was looking for flower essences remedies. It also deals with nutrition and natural remedies for pretty much any cat issue.


My favorite cat recipe is in this book by Anitra Frazier. The home made chicken broth! Anitra also gives advise on how to communicate with your cat. This is an amazing book for any guardian who wants to care for their feline friend in a holistic way. Beautifully written.Excerpt
Every pet guardian needs to read this book! When Ann Martin’s dog passed away in the 90′s, she started an in depth investigation of commercial pet food industry. It is not for the faint of heart.Excerpt
Another essential read for any pet guardian. I ordered this directly from the AAFCO’s website for $75US. I wanted to know exactly what each ingredient means on the pet food labels and how pet food is tested before it hits the shelves.