Our carnivores

After lots and lots of research…I decided to go with a prepared raw diet. I first saw it on this site.
I chose it because it seemed easy to make, and it is! Also, my cats liked it. I was afraid LuLu would not be interested after eating kibble her whole life, but she took to the new diet right away!


1.4Kg raw muscle meat (I have used chicken drumsticks, thighs, whole chicken and turkey thighs, all with great success)

400gr raw heart (it must be from the same animal family so if you use rabbit, you need rabbit hearts but turkey and chicken are interchangeable

200gr raw liver (see above note)

2 cups water (ideally spring or filtered)

4 egg yolks (organic)

4 tablespoons bone meal

2 tablespoons unflavored gelatin

4 capsules raw glandular supplement, such as, for example, multigland supplement by Immoplex (I had to order this online)

800 IU Vitamine E (if you can, buy the dry stuff to avoid mess)

200mg Vitamin B complex

1,000mg Taurine (I use capsules by NOW, at feeding time)

1.5 teaspoons of light salt with iodine

1 tablespoon of dulse

3 teaspoons psyllium husk powder (especially while transitioning because the bone constipates at first)

1. Cut up the meat into chunks; at first the chunks can be small so that the transition is easier, gradually they can be the size of a thumb. This part takes the longest time, especially if you use whole chickens. You can buy boneless/skinless thighs if your budget allows. Leave some of the skin on.

2. The livers and the hearts you can grind in a Magic Bullet, or any other food processor. You may nee to add some water.

3. Mix all the other ingredients in a bowl (add the psyllium husk powder and gelatin at the end because they thicken)

4. Mix the three together very well and then store. I use medium size ziplock bags in which I can fit about 220gr-250gr. This is enough for four meals.

At feeding time I thaw one bag in warm water. For 4 cats I add one tablet of taurine (this amino acid is essential to cats and it deteriorates during freezing) and one capsule salmon oil I also add warm water or, sometimes, warm homemade kitty chicken broth (I read about the chicken broth in The Natural Cat GREAT READ!)

I know this sounds very complicated but it really isn’t.

Once in a while I feed them raw bones. Small bones are best so I give them the chicken ribs and wing tips. This way there is 0 waste.